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Walk Softly & Carry a Big Book

Official and unoffical sloganeering from the 12 Step programs

Getting ready to make a speech? You want to know every slogan in recovery there ever was? Walk Softly is the definitive resource on 12 Step slonganeering. Download The First 10 Pages FREE

"Wisdom in shorthand." is what the Old Timers call it. From the classics to neo classic to things your sponsor never wanted you to hear, this book memorializes it all. You might think you've heard everything 12-step related; We guarantee you haven't! Put this book in the john, lay it out at your next party--your guests won't be able to put it down. Use it for fun, therapy, to spice up your leads, to give you a new perspective, to make you laugh, and to teach your sponsees something new.

Shelly has pulled together little tidbits about recovery that get my attention, give me a different point of view, make me think, or make me laugh, provide me with a different perspective, show me another part of the solution. ~Penny P. List Owner for As We See It An on-line daily thought for the day for those in recovery

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This Book Has Everything!

From the oldtimers comes the inspiration, the spirit, the humor and the history of the good old basics in recovery. You'll love this book.

Table of Contents

  • Section One: Slogans, Sayings, and Super One-liners
  • Section Two: I Heard it through the Groupvine
  • Section Three: All the Acronyms
  • Section Four: Freudian Sips
  • Section Five: Higher Powered Pages

All the Classic 12 Step Prayers Included

The Asking Prayer
The 'Dear Child' Prayers
The 'Dear God' Prayers
Prayer of St. Francis
Oldtimer's Prayer
And more...

12 stpe slogans

I just had one!

Or this, "I only had a couple officer, honest!

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